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The Thick and Thin of Pocket Squares

Our batik pocket squares are printed by artisans in Mali and Ghana, and while they are all 100% cotton, they come in varying weights that offer a variety of opportunities for deployment.

Lightweight squares such as the Bamafele, Dogo and Diré designs have a soft, slightly gauzy, stretchy feel to them and can be stuffed into a breast pocket without adding a lot of bulk. Try to pull up a corner of the square, in addition to a healthy billow of the print, to maximize the contrast of the design.

Heavier squares such as the Nara, Foso and Djenne have a substantial feel to them and they'll stay put, which makes them ideal for folding. Try folding slightly off-angle, so that when the square rests in your pocket more than one contrasting edge will be visible. From there you can pull a fold or two out for a layered leaf effect.

In either case, some fine-tuning will always be in order to get just the right balance of print and border protuding from beneath your suit or jacket lapel. This is where the Italian art of sprezzatura comes in—some thoughtful adjustment to the square's display, done in such a way to make the final result look carefree and natural.