Thomas Mark Heritage
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The Soundtrack of Thomas Mark Heritage

The music never stops at TMH Headquarters. Here's what leads our rotation at the moment.

Mokoomba, Rising Tide (2012)

Zimbabwe's powerhouse Afrobeat act hit their stride by the first track with their trademark fusion of complex rhythms and tight vocal harmonies. "Mangongo" is the inspiration that powers our most creative moments and the fuel we need to keep moving.

Ballaké Sissoko, At Peace (2013)

The Kora looks like a fusion of harp and guitar, and in Mali-born Sissoko's hands its 21 strings unleash atmospheric strummed washes of harmonic colours as well as bright, lively lead lines. Quiet, very spiritual listening for moments of concentration or as the day winds down.

Hugh Masekela, The Boy's Doin' It (1975)

South African jazz enthusiasts grew up with Masekela's jubilant seventeenth studio album, recorded in Nigeria and reflecting influences as wide-ranging as Lagos club music and Herbie Hancock. Somewhere down the line Verve re-released it with double the tracks and it sounds more magnificent and vital than ever.