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Female intuition: introducing the women’s collection

This holiday season Thomas Mark Heritage is thrilled to debut womenswear as a permanent addition to the brand. Boasting the lush colors and rich textures that we are known for, these pieces showcase the vibrancy and optimism of Africa for her. This collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets embraces Africana in a modern way, allowing her cultural connection and personal style to shine.

Each piece is designed by hand-selecting individual elements and allowing the ultimate form to develop organically. Nigerian Jadeite, Egyptian Lapis Lazuli, and Ghana Krobo beads unite in radiant drop earrings. Ethiopian glass beads and Kenyan heishi marry in luminous necklaces. Colorful Ghana wax prints bond with wood in unique bangles. Crafted with love and purpose, we compliment her affinity for gorgeous, uniquely designed adornments that celebrate Africa.